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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale

Step by Weestep

Weestep is there to accompany the steps of millions of children around the world, developing the best shoes for every stage of development.

Style in detail, high-quality materials and constant technological research highlight Weestep 's design, making it unmistakable from the start. Soft, light and safe shoes that protect, like an embrace from Mom, small feet from their first steps to running in the open air. That 's why Weestep specialises in children 's shoes because he fully understands what your child needs, relying on years of experience to help him on his extraordinary adventure: growth.


When to wear the first pair of shoes?


In the first 24 months, your child learns to stand straight. Learning to crawl, he looks for something to hold on to try to stand up for. When he feels more safe he will try to take his first steps, always trying to understand something to bail him out. It is very important to help and support these steps with the right shoes. These boots should be made of light, breathable materials, a soft and flexible sole, a wide sock that allows the toes to move freely, and a reinforced back that helps your baby stay in the right position without limiting the foot. It is ready for start!


Flexible sole

Maximum sole flexibility

The shoe’s flexibility is created through calibrated channels etched crosswise into the sole to make it thinner, and by the extremely soft materials used to create the part of the midsole located near the flex point



Non slip sole



Soft and light upper

Featherweight fit

Weestep shoes are made with carefully selected lightweight materials, designed to guarantee maximum freedom while playing and performing everyday activities.




Ergonomic share

Rounded toe and comfortable fit

Generous shapes are carefully designed and calibrated to leave the foot the room it needs to move securely, without constraints.




Easy fitting

Easy to wear

Weestep shoes have been specially designed and studied to best accommodate the shape of a child’s foot. What’s more, the laces and openings are designed to create a comfortable-fitting shoe that is easy to put on and take off.




Sole with waterproof membrane




Shock absorbing, chrome free, leather insole

In all Weestep shoes the leather linings are «Chrome», which means they are tanned without Chromium. This ensures that the environment inside the shoe is even more natural and safer. 




Metal accesories that do not release nickel

Nickel-free metal parts

Buckles, grommets and all of the metal parts of Weestep shoes are completely nickel-free. Your child’s feet can move in complete freedom, wearing safe shoes with nothing that can cause an unpleasant allergic reaction.




Removable insole




Heel and toe protection




Sole with breathable membrane




Our children wear our shoes — it is the best guarantee of quality