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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale

Shoe packaging

weestepPackaging is often the last thing manufacturers think about, although this is just as important as the design of the shoe itself. Packaging creates a positive or negative impression of the purchase and keeps the product intact.


Weestep shoes, regardless of the type of model, are produced in individual boxes with a logo and brief information about the contents.


It should also be noted that cardboard is used for packaging, which is produced from recycled materials and it can be recycled and reused, which is very important nowadays.


But shoe packaging is not only a cardboard box, there are also details, such as an inner liner with a logo. However, it is not very dense, but it copes with its task perfectly. Any footwear has features in appearance, various decorative elements made of different materials. In the case of our packaging, the inner liner will prevent friction, and the individual, sufficiently thick box will protect against external pressure.


In addition to protective functions, each Weestep shoe box has an informative component that is necessary for both the seller and the buyer. The label indicates the size, article, barcode, color of the shoe. There is a black and white drawing of the model.

After the wholesale purchase of Weestep children's shoes and its distribution among retail outlets, hundreds of identical boxes arrive at the warehouse. But it is enough to lay out the boxes so that the information was visible. It immediately becomes clear where and what model you need.


Success consists of little things, so in our company everything is carefully thought out, including packaging, and most importantly, this does not affect the price of the product itself. Weestep children's shoes are the perfect combination of price and quality. For this very reason the shoes of this brand are rapidly becoming popular.

Our wholesale online store of the Weestep brand offers you the top models of the current season at the manufacturer's price. All models presented in the catalog are available to order, and, of course, each pair will be securely packed in an individual box.

The quality and price will please you; we guarantee it!